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  • A life coach can become a confidante, helping the client determine what is important, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and ascertain where they want to be in six months, a year, ten years.
  • Life coaching involves assisting the client set personal and professional goals and establishing a workable strategy to attain them within a given time frame.
  • For clients, a life coach can provide a life-changing experience, an invaluable opportunity to take control over their lives and fulfil their dreams.
  • This course defines life coaching and differentiates it from other professions such as psychotherapist, counsellor, personal trainer and so on.


مدرسة نيت ® حياة خالية دورة تدريبية

وقال مدرب الحياة يمكن أن تصبح إحدى المقربات، مما يساعد العميل تحديد ما هو مهم، وتحديد نقاط القوة والضعف فيها، والتحقق حيث أنهم يريدون أن يكونوا في غضون ستة أشهر، سنة، وعشر سنوات.

ويشمل التدريب مدى الحياة بمساعدة مجموعة العميل الأهداف الشخصية والمهنية ووضع استراتيجية عملية لتحقيقها في إطار زمني معين.

للعملاء، ويمكن للمدرب الحياة توفر تجربة الحياة المتغيرة، وفرصة لا تقدر بثمن للسيطرة على حياتهم وتحقيق أحلامهم.

ويعرف هذا بالطبع التدريب مدى الحياة ويميزه عن غيرها من المهن مثل الطبيب النفسي، مستشار، مدرب شخصي وهلم جرا. 


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Life Coaching Manual

Life Coaching Manual Arabic

Powerful tools to help young people to manage their lives



The full course is delivered in the Nite School® Virtual reality campus as FREE course to any Nite School® student. Some students who have you have done this course may decide that they would like to pursue a career path in counselling and go on to gain a formal qualification.





At some point in their lives, everybody seeks advice from friends, family or professionals to help them make decisions or decide how to handle a particular situation or event





The life coach makes available the kind of consistent assistance and support that may be lacking in a person’s life or difficult to obtain when consulting family or friends who may have quite different perspectives


Core life skills










Coaching and supporting others







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